Kitchen Furniture

For the last thirty years we have designed an amazing variety of Kitchen Furniture that has met client requirements in most specific manner. The fact these furniture range is made from best quality Pressed wood has been an added advantage in terms of product longevity and great look that has remained undiminished through passage of time. Customized as per details provided by clients and designed by our industry leading expertise , the kitchen furniture offered by us are functional, visually appealing and long lasting. Further the range is appreciated for space saving effect. We follow guidelines offered by clients but at the same time use our expertise to offer best under given parameters. The kitchen furniture line customized by us comprises Kitchen Cabinets and Loft Covering.

Description :

  • Our range of Kitchen Furniture is designed according to details offered by clients and created by our team of talented experts who makes maximum use of space and design requirements of our clients. Made from Pressed wood the furniture range kitchen area combines comfort, visual appeal in its sleek design and durability
  • Keeping in mind the broad and minute details offered by clients we work our way so that what the clients get in hand is a total representation of their ideal kitchen with features that are much more they had bargained for. Our design team and carpenters design and create the furniture range that is ergonomic, visually appealing and offers great value for money

Area of Application :

  • Kitchen across Homes and Hospitality Industry

Size and Design :

  • The size of our range of kitchen furniture is customized according to client requirements and space available. The range is designed by skilled experts to make the best usage of the available space

Minimum Order :

  • In Accordance with Your Requirements

Market Focus :

  • Existing - Tamilnadu and Kerala
  • Open to new markets in the country

Packaging :

  • Usually direct transportation. Packaging according client specification and at their cost

Features :

  • Ergonomic
  • Color scheme according to specifications
  • Pressed wood material, best finish, long service life
  • Customized strictly in accordance with the client requirements

Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen Cabinets offered by us are fabricated from pure Pressed wood and customized according to specifications offered by clients. The range are not only visually appealing but help to keep the cooking area in spic and span condition. With our kitchen storage cabinets, no longer the kitchen are a messy space for pots and pans and spice jars. Each item of the kitchen has its appointed slot in the various various shelves and racks in built within the cabinets.

Loft Covering

Loft Covering

Lofts in kitchens are often left unattended without any cover. This makes even the best of well furnished kitchen an ungainly sight with soot covered heirloom pots, pans, utensils and discarded family items peeping out , spoiling the whole effect. Our loft covering excellently covers these open areas with finely carved Pressed wood doors that require very little maintenance.