Interior Furniture

We have under our belt a long tradition of excellence, with over 30 years of experience as interior design manufacturers of complete line of residential and commercial furniture. Attention to details, fine workmanship and adapting our style to client requirements and changing national and international trends in the domain have positioned us as an enterprise with high integrity and focus towards short lead time and total value addition.

Description & Area of Application :

We have the experience and expertise in providing our clients with interior design for homes and offices that make maximum space utilization with enough elbow room, leg and lung space for happy and conducive family and professional life. As part of our design we research and test the market for products that offer most apt solutions for the individual projects. The area of application is all types of homes and commercial spaces.

Size & Market Focus :

We do all sizes of homes and office interiors. Right now clients from Tamilnadu and Kerala have been availing our service.

Our USP :

We do not offer 'one fit for all' services. Our services are tailor made to suit client requirement, temperament and availability of space. Each project is unique as each project is customized.

The first step in any of our interior design project is to study client requirements and proceed from there to work out best possible alternatives for creative space utilization and convenience keeping provision for future alteration. At the end what the client gets is highly proportional space and products with a blend of beauty and functionality.

Features of Our Services

  • With client input we aim at bringing form and function together. Our productivity results in total representation of client's ideal living/ workplace
  • We value clients' time and money, therefore our projects are completed on time
  • We have comprehensive experience in space planning, project management and contractor relations
  • Our projects are from concept to proposal to completion, with a sensitivity to financial and environmental responsibility
  • As an interior designer we are known for attention to detail, professional standards, quality and visual appeal
  • Our projects address client requirements, life style, work ambiance and environmental issues
  • We identify strategic methods to improve space utilization and convenience of those who live, work and relax in them
  • Our highly functional yet inspirational commercial interiors result in increased turnover
  • Our team of talented designers spares no effort but at the same time works out the most economical solutions to deliver one of its kinds interiors for residences and offices with matching furniture that goes a long way in value addition to life and work

Living Room Furniture

Wall Units

The Wall Units designed by us are created keeping in mind client specification, room size and the purpose they are put to use.

 TV Unit

For perfect TV watching we design TV Units that are attached to the wall.

Book Rack

Book Racks in living room has taken the place of home library.

Pooja Rack

Often space constraints in modern living areas do not allow a separate pooja room.

Dining Room Furniture

Square Dining Table Set

The Square Dining Table Set is customized according to inputs offered by clients and our own judgment of the area available.

Round Dining Table Set

We design highly contoured Round Dining Table Sets that are not only great space savers but also look elegant with perfect circular design.

Oval Dining Table Set

Oval Dining Table Set made from premium Pressed wood sourced from industry leading vendors look contemporary but with features that never go out of fashion.

Bedroom Furniture

Wardrobe with Loft Box

Wardrobe with Loft Box made from premium Pressed wood and customized according space availability and client requirements offer generation of service.


The cots in king, queen and small sizes are made using grade one Pressed wood and designed purely as per client specification are comfortable and yet very sturdy ensuring generations of good use.

Dressing Table

Dressing Tables in finest Pressed wood customized by us add a touch of elegance to a bedroom.

Kitchen Furniture

Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen Cabinets offered by us are fabricated from pure Pressed wood and customized according to specifications offered by clients.

Loft Covering

Lofts in kitchens are often left unattended without any cover.

Office Furniture

Conference Room Table

The Conference Room Table customized by us are ideal for corporate meetings in in IT and other office set ups.

Boardroom Table

We offer Boardroom table in medium and large sizes according to specifications offered by clients.

 Executive Table

The Executive Tables designed by us is customized according to inputs given by client.

Round Discussion Table

Round Discussion Tables are our customized offering to clients in pure Pressed wood.

Staff Work Station

The Staff Work Station designed by us look imposing and is well contained with drawers, side flaps and under the table enough leg space for comfortable sitting.

Director Table

The Director's Table customized according to client requirements shows the original grains of Pressed wood and offers long service life.

Computer Table

The Computer Table we offer comes in many configurations. Commonly these tables have 2 drawers large side storage and pull out Keyboard tray and other paraphernalia.

File Storage Cabinet

File Storage Cabinet in premium Pressed wood is customized with number of drawers and locking system as specified by clients.

Revolving Chairs

Our clients are most satisfied with the Executive Revolving Chairs we design with minute attention to details offered by them .

Visitor Chairs

The most welcome way to usher in a visitor to your office is by offering one of our Visitor Chair.


In our series of commercial furniture we offer Podiums that we design with solid Pressed wood and customized as per client details.

Office Workstation

Office Workstation

To meet the changing landscape of today’s work environment , we have created Office Workstations that allow the user to come out with peak performance with low stress level.