Bedroom Furniture

We consult the client regarding the broad and minute details they want us to incorporate in their Bedroom Furniture, as sleeping areas are the most intimate and private area of the house. Keeping client inputs in mind we customize a line of furniture using high quality Pressed wood that often lasts generation of good use. Since the furniture range is made to order with our designing excellence, what the clients get is often much beyond their expectation.

Description :

Our customized range of bed Room Furniture is designed and created by a team of talented experts who makes maximum use of space and design requirements of our clients. Made from Pressed wood the furniture range of the sleeping area combines comfort, visual appeal in its sleek design and years of service

Keeping in focus the broad specification offered by clients we work our way so that what the clients get in hand is an exact replica of their ideal bedroom with features that are much more they had expected. Our design team and carpenters design and create the furniture that adds a positive definition to your living room experience. Our complete range of living room furniture is great value products owing to its stunning designs and long service life

You can experience long time effortless sourcing solutions for our complete range of Bed Room Furniture. Our Range comprises Wardrobes, Cupboards, Cot and Dressing Table.

Area of Application :

  • Bed rooms across Homes and Hospitality Industry

Size and Design :

  • The size of our range of bed room furniture is according to client specifications. The range is designed by skilled experts to make the best usage of the available space. The designs complement the bed room area in totality

Minimum Order :

  • In Accordance with Your Requirements

Market Focus :

  • Existing - Tamilnadu and Kerala
  • Open to new markets in the country

Packaging :

  • Usually direct transportation. Packaging according client specification and at their cost

Features :

  • Customized strictly in accordance with the client requirements
  • Pressed wood material, best finish, long service life
  • Color scheme according to specifications

Wardrobe with Loft Box

Wardrobe with Loft Box made from premium Pressed wood and customized according space availability and client requirements offer generation of service. These storage units have sectioned areas for clothes both Indian and Western, undergarments,shoes etc. In a manner of speaking the wardrobes offered by us are perfect storage areas for items that need to be kept tidily in one specific areas. These wall fittings match the decor of the bedrooms.



The cots in king, queen and small sizes are made using grade one Pressed wood and designed purely as per client specification are comfortable and yet very sturdy ensuring generations of good use. These beds are designed in either contemporary or traditional designs are sleek and uncluttered in look. . These cots come with matching mattresses.

Dressing Table

Dressing Table

Dressing Tables in finest Pressed wood customized by us add a touch of elegance to a bedroom. We offer single mirror, double mirror or three mirror dressing tables. These tables are must for all bed rooms as the drawers and shelves of the tables keep the sleeping area sourced up. These come with sectioned drawers for storing cosmetics, perfumes, bangles wristwatches etc.